File sharing / Online storage

These services offer online storage, some with the ability to edit online.  Check out the feature list for each to see which suits your needs best.

     2Gb free storage initially (can increase to 16Gb)
    10Gb free storage
  • Google Drive
    15Gb free storage across Drive, Gmail and Google+
  • Microsoft OneDrive
    7Gb free storage (can increase with referrals)
    15Gb free storage
    I haven’t used this service but it looks interesting, account expires if not used for 180 days.


  • Mozy
    2Gb free; £4.99 per month for 50Gb


  • IrfanView Image Viewer
    A very useful piece of image software for Windows.  So much more than just a viewer, this free software is great for batch processing and resizing etc.